I'm Brittany, the head betty of Paper Betty. I'm a designer who's been obsessed with art, aesthetics, and materials since I picked up my first set of Crayolas.

The Paper Betty is inspired by my Grandma Betty. She's taught me the foundation of my faith, by reminding me over and over again that Jesus loves me so much, he knows exactly the number of blonde strands there are on the top of my head. Which was quite the unfathomable thought as a 6 year old, and still to this day. Grandma Betty is the most social woman I know, always on her way to her next party or engagement where she never says no to a petite glass of black berry brandy. 

The Paper Betty is here to create beauty for the biggest day and party of your life, to all of the small celebrations in between. I'm happy you're here and I can't wait to work with you!